Friday, September 18, 2009

An Update from the Burton Theatre

We're very excited to have the owners of the Burton Theatre blogging for Open CIty about their new venture. Check back every week for updates by the operators of the Burton Theatre. Learn more about the Burton Theatre

By Nathan Faustyn.....
In this, the first blog entry for the Burton Theatre, perhaps it's best to say that we are an organization starting up in the Cass Corridor and blindly we have been leaning on our own impoverished knowledge of small business ownership and start-up. That said it has been refreshing and ultimately essential to our success that we have found the OPen City organization and on a micro level our neighbours at mantra, showcase and k9 to 5. Being someone who was almost ready to give up on Detroit just a year ago, the good will that these local businesses have engendered among eachother, and the open arms we have been welcomed with have kept us going especially through the some what arduous and unrewarding final push. Especially as we have gotten our first taste of the media and can say that we have had to make our new mantra, "There is No Such THing as bad press." Well hopefully we'll see everybody OCT.3..............which can't come soon enough.

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  1. I live just a few block away and love to see the dots filling in along the lower Cass Corridor. Let me know if you need to rally any residents and or volunteers to help get the place in ship shape, my community in Brush Park would be willing to help to get things moving.

    Elizabeth Tintinalli
    112 Watson-Lamar Condo Owner/Resident