Sunday, September 27, 2009

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By Nathan Faustyn.....
My apologies for the tardiness this week but as you can imagine with T- 2 weeks we are really working long. This week we had to accept the lukewarm reception of our benefit show last weekend at the Magic Stick. Unfortunately we were kind of mislead about the price and realized a bit too late that promising beer to six bands can be expensive. Regardless of the cost, and stress, and lack of attendance it was inspiring to see the dedication and goodwill from the bands to play a free gig for us and Stevie and Cotton Museum even made new media for the show. Thanks also be to He-Bops, Carjack, TerribleTwos and Rogue Satelites/Marco Poleo split.

Beyond the show this week was just the emotional rises and falls as we were told our screen was ruined, then it wasn't, we experienced in fighting due to the stress of it all, and we received our FIRST FILM PRINT(Examined Life) and our first Faygo order.

But Wednesday Night was really the first real great evening for us in theatre as we finally sat down in our seats, looked around at the chandeliers and curtains and the rumored to be ruined screen and we realized that we are about to own a business. Ready or Not there is 1 week to sort everything and put ourselves in a position for success. All the pre-production is now going to be thrown in the fire. It's exciting and...well scary(to me at least.)

Thanks for reading I'll keep you up to date this week and tell you now look to the Detroit News this Thursday! /nathan

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