Friday, October 9, 2009

The Burton Theatre Blog - Weekend 2

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By Nate Faustyn.....

What an incredible week. We pulled all nighters(especially Jeff, projection guy) leading up to the Opening,which was friday night. To drive home the point we only sorted out a significant buzzing in the speakers 10 minutes before opening the doors. but the gala went off after that with very few hitches, save for a drunken speech and a first movie that proved to be a little more divisive than we thought.

The first week of operation was similarly nice. Saturday, our first day open to the public, we had a modest turnout of around 70 people yet it was refreshing to see some demographics we didn't really expect to support us. There were older people, children, and most importantly only 3 friends. It may seem odd to rejoice over your friends not showing up to your new business, but for us it let us know that people are paying attention to us. And really besides the derelict standing atop the slide next store giving a full benediction in a language I can only guess is Esperanto we had no huge issues with the Cass Corridor itself.

Spirit of the Beehive(which we will stand behind) proved maybe not the crowd pleaser we thought but it was for us a perfect way to let people know who we were and further work out the kinks(who would have guessed you'd need heat in an auditorium) My perspective from the opening weekend is a bit skewed though, as i realized a great cost saving measure would be for me to work security and just buy spinning light and heavy duty maglight.

Finally we did our first Wednesday budget show and immediately were grateful that we did that, because it does function as a great source of additional revenue. I never would have thought that for a 9 pm show of an obscure Spanish classic we would get foot traffic in the cass corridor. But hey i guess you can't spell small business without surprise(if you add a couple letters)

Any way we are now amidst a big checklist of things like signage, advertising, and heat so i must get back to work-nate

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