Friday, October 2, 2009

The Burton Theatre Blog - Opening Weekend

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by David Allen
So, as it turns out opening a small business is a lot of work. Who'd of thunk it?

In our last week before opening we've been in the theatre day and night, attempting to turn an elementary school auditorium into a first rate movie theatre. It's coming along nicely -- the space looks amazing, and just yesterday we were able to project our first film with sound. Maybe it's because I hadn't slept in a long time, or maybe it was all that dust that we had swept up finally getting to me, but watching reel 3 of Volver had me wanting to pump my fist in triumph, if that was the sort of thing that I ever did.

It's also been rather touching to watch the sheer number of our friends who have been willing to come in and help out. It takes a certain kind of friend to drive to your theatre and clean an old bathroom until 4 in the morning. To see a dozen people -- none over thirty and none being paid at all -- doing intense labor just because they believe in the cause has been a constant reminder of what this city has to offer.

On another note John Monaghan gave us a great write up in the Detroit Free Press. My mother seems particularly impressed by it as she has called me five times and left long voice mails about how much she loved the article and was going to send clips of it to everyone that she has ever met or talked to. The article came at just the right time, I'd have to say. The stress of getting this operation together, along with constant fear I'm sure most people starting a business share that we now have to rely on people actually turning out was starting to get at us, but this article reminded us that this theatre can work.

Okay, I actually have to get back to the theatre right now to clean off graffiti some 10 year old boy left on the wall years ago. Keep reading, as next week we'll be able to write a blog based on the actual experience of running this place.

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